What can Lady Gaga and Oreo teach you about co-branding?

What can Lady Gaga and Oreo teach you about co-branding?

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What can Lady Gaga and Oreo teach you about co-branding? Lady Gaga and Oreo have teamed up to produce a limited run of co-branded cookies inspired by the highly acclaimed musician and her most recent album Chromatica.

In this video, I look at this partnership and explain why it is a co-branding masterclass, what co-branding is, what impact it can have, go over some other famous co-branding examples and how you can use the same idea for your business.

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Video Transcript

What can you learn from a highly acclaimed musician, singer, songwriter, and a cookie company about building brand awareness. Keep watching to find out.

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So lady Gaga and Oreo have partnered up to release a limited edition series of cookies. Theat are inspired by her album. Chromatica taking inspiration from the album. The cookies are pink with a green creme filling, and they are decorated with artwork that was inspired by the album. Now Oreo celebrated the new launch of these cookies with a scavenger hunt on Twitter dropping clues every hour, over a 24 hour period. Alongside the 24 hour scavenger hunt on Twitter, Oreo launched a website called sing it with Oreo, which ties into the Lady Gaga theme and on that website, you can send musical messages of kindness to people that you know, and when you do that, you automatically get entered into a draw to win loads of merchandise.

And this is a great example of co-branding. So lady Gaga and Oreo together, coming together to produce a product that is co-branded. So, what is co-branding co-branding is a marketing strategy that uses two or more brand names on a product or service as part of a strategic Alliance, now co-branding can boost the reputation of two or more brands depending on the strategy used and there are four distinct ways to use K branding to build your brand. These are market penetration, global brand brand extension strategy, and brand reinforcement.

So, what is the impact of co-branding or in this example, lady Gaga and Oreo, they get access to each other’s followers. They get to come combined to build their reputation and they get to reach a much wider audience than they normally would.

So for Oreo, this means having a long lasting association with lady Gaga and her army of followers or monsters. And if you take her Twitter following alone, that’s over 83 million people. The Oreo has access to that. They wouldn’t normally have. And vice versa. So lady Gaga gets access to Oreo’s following and builds a relationship with them and she gets to promote her most recent album to a much wider audience

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