What are brand values and how you can define yours

What are brand values and how you can define yours

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Have you ever wondered why your brand hasn’t been amassing a tribe of dedicated loyal followers? In this episode, I’ll explain why your brand values are key to solving this problem and how you can define yours.

What are brand values and how can you define yours? This episode explains what brand values are and why they help to grow internal brand culture and external audience connection. The episode gives you 4 tips to use when defining your own core brand values.

If you are looking to understand what brand values are and how to outline yours this episode gives you a few tips to do this but if you need any more help you can download a free resource that takes you through the process in more detail below.

How to define your brand values – Worksheet Download  – https://bit.ly/2B5oO5P

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How to define your brand values – Worksheet Download  – https://bit.ly/2B5oO5P

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Have you ever wondered why your brand hasn’t been amassing a tribe of dedicated loyal followers? In this episode, I’ll explain why your brand values are key to solving this problem and how you can define yours.welcome to the Unified Brand Podcast brought to you by Elements, Brand Management, a weekly brand building and brand strategy podcast. To help you unlock your brand’s potential. Stand out from the competition and create impact. So what are brand values? They are guiding principles that help to drive internal culture, as well as external connection they’re what you stand for as a brand and against, and they give you a team internally, something to help them to work out how they act and how they behave when representing your brand and externally to give your customers something, to connect to.

That is deeper connects with them on the shared values that they have with your organization. With an increase in time spent on social media, you started to see that we’re all becoming a bit more tribal, whether that’s our political views, our musical tastes, or our sporting teams. And we are quick to share things that we think define us and our identity and what we stand for.

And this is no different when it comes to brands. So we love brands that we feel have been designed created just for us, that we identify with that almost get us on a level that is deeper than most that share values with us and that we connect with.

This is about authenticity. This isn’t about falsifying making things up just to try and connect with people because it won’t work. The only way brand values work and connect with your audience is when you stand for the same things. And you can tell if that’s authentic or if it’s been put on, there was a stat from the Harvard business review that found that 64% of consumers said that they have relationships with brands that they share values with.
And that this was the primary reason. They had a relationship with that brand. So this stat alone should tell you the importance of defining your core values and the role they play in connecting with your audience. So here are four things to think about when defining your core brand values.

You shouldn’t have too many, three to five maximum, but ideally three or four core values and the reason why you don’t want too many is because you want your team to be able to remember them and to live by these daily as part of your brand culture. If you have too many or they’re too long winded, they don’t make much sense. Your team’s going to forget it and it’s not going to come through in what you’re trying to get across.

What you stand for internally but also we are trying to connect with your audience externally.
Two they should be easily actionable. So instead of creativity as a brand value, we approach every situation with a creative mindset is a better way to phrase that. The first one is quite ambiguous the second one is a clear directive and a guiding principle.

Three they should be individual to your brand and work with the rest of your brand platform. So no copycatting here. It’s no good. Just going online, finding out some brand values from another company, taking those across and just saying, yep. That will do these would to be individual to your brand work with your brand platform so they create a unique brand, an identity that is who you are and what you stand for.

And lastly, they want to have heart, some sort of emotional resonance with them that is about connecting with your audience and championing what you stand for.
This isn’t something that is just about identifying things that don’t mean anything to the company or the organization, these things want to matter, they want to have heart, and you can tell the difference between a brand that really does stand for something and one that doesn’t and it’s purely in. How much heart they have put into their values and what they stand for.

So to sum up, if you want to improve customer loyalty and be a brand, they love clearly define a set of authentic core brand values that your team can action on a daily basis.
We just put together a weekly brand tip video series, which is designed to help you to unlock your brand’s potential. And stand out from the competition. And if you’re interested, if you just go to elements, brand management all one word .co.uk forward slash weekly hyphen brand hyphen tips, sign up and you’ll be delivered a three to five minute video a week straight to your inbox.

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Have a great week catch up soon  keep those brand’s unified.

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