Waves End Surf Shack

Waves End Surf Shack is a new devon based surf restuarant, bar and grill that serves the best surf burgers in the south west. It is in the concept stage and the branding was needed as a way to flesh the initial idea out.

Design Brief

To create a vibrant, fun brand that ties into the surf lifestyle culture for a new surf bar, restaurant, grill, and music venue in Devon UK. The brand needed to have aspects of traditional surf culture, whilst combining this with a clean, modern edge that can be easily recognized. The brand needed to encapsulate the core values of the brand which were sustainability, community, fun, and nourishment.

Design Solution

The branding needed to represent surf lifestyle, rustic earth elements, natural textures and eco-friendly packaging. This is where the choice of earthy brown tones and aqua blue colour palette with an accent of orange which represents vitality, energy, and youth. There was an emphasis to use natural textures and imagery to showcase the brand’s commitment to sustainability.

We added a fun tone to the brand which is in keeping with surf lifestyle and this lends itself to a vibrant bar/restaurant that plays local music and serves hearty tasty rustic food. The name Waves End was chosen from the idea you can go straight from a surf to get a bite to eat, beach to a burger in under 30 secs!

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