Titan Workwear

Case Study

Designing and defining a new workwear brand

The Mission

The mission of this project was to design and define a new workwear brand for Titan Workwear that would stand out from the competition and be highly distinctive. The goal was to create a brand that would effectively communicate their unique value proposition and help them compete in a crowded market.

The Outcome

To achieve this mission, we took Titan Workwear through a thorough brand audit and competitor analysis to understand the current market landscape and identify opportunities for differentiation. This was followed by a brand workshop where we defined and clarified the brand, which formed the foundation for the brand development strategy. We then proceeded to design a distinctive brand identity that would set Titan Workwear apart from their competitors.

The Impact

As a result of our work, Titan Workwear now has a highly distinctive and differentiated brand with a well-defined brand proposition, positioning, and strategy to compete in the market. Our brand development process has enabled them to communicate their unique value proposition effectively and stand out from the competition, leading to increased brand awareness and customer engagement.


Services Provided

Brand Audit
Brand Workshop
Brand Strategy
Brand Positioning
Brand Messaging
Brand Identity Design

The Challenge

Designing and positioning a new workwear brand in an already crowded market was a significant challenge. It required a deep understanding of the market landscape, customer needs, and the competitive landscape. Our team had to develop a unified brand strategy that effectively communicated Titan Workwear’s unique value proposition, positioning, and differentiation, all while being visually appealing and memorable.

Brand Design Inspiration Board

Brand Design Mood Board

Developing the brand strategy

To develop a unique brand strategy for Titan Workwear, we focused on the concept of “Innovative Support.” We wanted to communicate to their customers that unlike other workwear brands, Titan Workwear takes the time to work with them throughout the entire process, providing knowledgeable and supportive service backed up with an innovative online system that allows any business’s workforce to look their best, feel their best, and be part of the team. This strategy and positioning served as the foundation for our brand development process and guided our decision-making at every stage.

Defining and designing the brand

After defining the brand and developing the brand strategy, we then proceeded to design the brand identity. Our primary focus was to communicate innovation, reliability, and support through the brand’s visual identity. To achieve this, we used bold primary colors and strong, blocky, and angular shapes to convey a sense of strength, reliability, and modernity. The final brand identity design is a reflection of Titan Workwear’s commitment to innovative support, and it serves as a powerful visual representation of their unique value proposition.

Titan Workwear Logo Design
New Brand Colour Variations

Other brand collateral

The branding needed to extend to other areas outside of digital and packaging. We designed workwear and signage options for the brand. 

The Outcome

Now, Titan Workwear has a unified brand strategy, effective positioning, and a unique and distinctive brand identity design that serves as a foundation for all they do going forward. Our work has enabled them to successfully differentiate themselves in the market and stand out from their competitors, ultimately giving this new brand a good foundation to grow from.

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