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Case Study

Refocusing the strategy and refreshing the brand

The Mission

Sleep is one of if not the most important thing you can do for your health, mental wellbeing, happiness and physical fitness. High performing athletes and sports professionals often neglect this aspect of their training and it can be the difference between mediocrity and greatness. Sport Sleep Coach came to us to define the brand platform and re-focus their brand’s position towards the elite sports market.

The Outcome

We provided a brand audit that looked at the audience, existing brand and competition. We then carried out a brand workshop and then took the insights from this into a logo update, brand refresh and website re-design.

The Impact

The brand has a new focus and clarity surrounding the brand and the audience. This new identity and focus was used when we re-designed the website and developed a messaging system to focus on the audience as the hero and Sport Sleep Coach as the guide.


Services Provided

Brand Audit
Brand Workshop
Brand Strategy
Brand Positioning
Brand Messaging
Brand Refresh
Web Design and Development

The Challenge

Sleep is something that a lot of people take for granted or push to one-side when thinking about health and fitness. Sport Sleep Coach approached Elements Brand Management to help them to re focus their brand and positioning and refresh the identity to help them to communicate this message. With a history of working with some of the worlds biggest sports clubs, athletes and teams they needed to be able to make the brand more memorable, cohesive and resonate with the target audience.

Sport Sleep Coach Logo and Brand re-fresh

Developing the brand strategy

Our first step in defining the brand and developing the brand strategy was to do research on the target audience and direct and in-direct competitors. We looked at the demographics and psychographics of the target audience and built out brand personas for each audience segment. We facilitated a brand building workshop with Sport Sleep Coach to flesh out the core brand platform including purpose, vision, mission, values, positioning, brand attributes and messaging.    

Brand strategy workshop

Defining and designing the brand

We took the insights we found in the workshop and audit to inform the brand refresh. We refined the logo and updated the colour palette using a stronger blue and vibrant accents to resonate better with the audience. We formalised a set of brand guidelines which included, colours, fonts, imagery and other logos from the brand family including the R90 logo.

R90 Logo re-fresh

Website design and ecommerce

This new identity and focus was used when we re-designed the website and we developed a messaging system to focus on the audience as the hero and Sport Sleep Coach as the guide. The site was built with the audience in mind and needed to be a blog, sales funnel, ecommerce store and knowledge resource all in one.

Website Design Sport Sleep Coach
Ipad Site Design
Sport Sleep Coach Responsive Design

Other brand collateral

The branding needed to extend to other areas outside of digital. We designed a brochure concept, stationary and apparel concepts for the brand. 

Sport Sleep Coach Brochure Design
Sport Sleep Coach Branding
R90 Clothing

The Outcome

The brand was re-focused with a clarified brand platform, refined positioning and refreshed brand identity system. This has given them the ability to extend the brand into new product lines and different areas. It has also allowed them to update aspects of their marketing in-house using the brand guidelines and clearer focus of who they are as a brand. 

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