Samana Active Wear

Samana is a new activewear brand, that is for women who love the outdoors, connecting to nature, staying healthy, in balance and abandoning the conventional. The word Samana is of sanskrit origin, used in yoga, traditional Indian medical practice Ayurveda and is also found in Buddhism.

Design Brief

To create and design a new activewear brand for women who love yoga, health, fitness, nature, and mindfulness. The brand needed to represent the demographic and connect to the values of the brand – peace, diversity, eco-friendly, balance and flow in an effortless way. The brand is about oneness and wants to build a community of like-minded women who all relate to the brand and its values.

Design Solution

We chose the name Samana as this has roots in a few key historical areas related to health, wellness, mindfulness and yoga. In Sanskrit, it means ‘alleviation’, ‘pacification’, and ‘mitigation’. In yoga, it refers to ‘togetherness’ (Sam) and ‘breathe’ (ana). In Ayurveda (Indian medical practice) it is a treatment that relieves the body of heaviness and helps to centre the body centres from abnormal to normal. In Buddism it means to abandon the conventional and get back to nature. We chose a colour palette of Light bright blues and sandy yellows along with a modern balanced font (Futura) and added some extra space around the logo to give the effect of calm. We also created the wave icon with the idea of yin-yang and balance mixed with the nature aspect.

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