Odyssey Sportswear
Odyssey Sportswear

Case Study

A new sportswear brand that is all about the journey.

The Mission

Premier Sports have spent the past 25 years supplying, designing and customising kit and sportswear for clubs, universities and schools. They decided in 2019/2020 that they wanted to develop their own sportswear range. Having worked with them on the Premier Sports brand for many years our mission was to help them define and design a new sportswear brand that encapsulated their values about sport.

The Outcome

We defined the brand including the brand name. We then designed the brand identity system to communicate the internal brand including the logo’s wider identity system, apparel, website and a few conceptual marketing assets.

The Impact

Premier Sports now have their own sportswear brand that communicates the values they hold about sport and fitness. That sport and fitness is a constant journey or an Odyssey to reach your fitness and performance goals.


Services Provided

Brand Naming
Logo Design
Brand Identity Design
Web Design

The Challenge

Premier Sports have been supplying, designing and customising sportswear and kit for 25 years. They wanted to develop their own range that felt unique to who they are as a brand, so the new brand had to infuse some of the Premier Sports DNA whilst  still being unique and standalone.

Defining and designing the brand

It became clear early on that Premier Sports would see parents year on year purchase kit for their children from primary age to teenager and beyond and this theme of growth, progression and a journey was something we kept coming back to. The idea behind Odyssey sportswear is that it is a constant in your sporting journey. We used the Blue of the Premier Sports brand to tie it to Odyssey along with a similar but slight variation on the font. We also used the swoosh from the Premier logo to form part of the Odyssey icon.

Odyssey Logo Design

Website design

The website was about simplicity and uses the journey theme to guide the user through the site allowing them to explore the brand further and find the items they need or are looking for.

Odyssey Sportswear Website Design

Other brand collateral

Premier Sports needed a few extra examples of how the brand could live on certain types of apparel so we mocked up a few different ranges (cap below) to showcase this. We also put together some concepts for brand awareness campaigns primarily for social media.

Cap design Odyssey Brand
Odyssey Brand Design
Odyssey Brand Marketing Example
Odyssey Brand Marketing Example

The Outcome

The brand is now ready for launch there have been a few delays due to the problems we’ve had in 2020. But the brand is designed, with a roll out plan in place and a clearly defined and focused brand platform to build upon.

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