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Case Study

Auditing and strategically aligning this well known brand

The Mission

Gtech is an established, global floor care, power tool and garden tool brand. They had grown quickly over the past few years and onboarded lots of new staff who had implemented many marketing directions and changes. This had resulted in the brand becoming lost and confused about who they were and subsequently losing market share. 

The Outcome

Gtech came to us for a full audit of their brand and competition and wanted to understand how they could best differentiate their brand, stand out from the competition and remove the confusion surrounding their brand. The audit looked at the Gtech brand as a whole from Logo, colours and fonts to marketing, messaging and social media. 

The Impact

The brand audit was held in such high regard by the company they circulated it amongst all directors, managers and senior members of the business as a document to refer back to keep them on track as a brand. They have also implemented the changes suggested to help position the brand and stand out from the competition to great effect. 


Services Provided

Brand Audit
Brand Alignment
Brand Strategy
Brand Positioning
Brand Personality Development

The Challenge

Gtech faced the challenge of being a well-known brand that had lost its way due to multiple changes in marketing direction and an unclear brand identity. As a result, they were losing market share and struggling to differentiate themselves from their competitors. The challenge was to develop a unified strategy that would reinvigorate the brand and help them stand out in a crowded market, while also retaining their existing customers and maintaining their brand heritage.

Brand Audit Report

Developing the brand strategy

The brand audit provided valuable insights into the competitive landscape, which helped us identify opportunities to differentiate the Gtech brand from competitors like Dyson. We developed a differentiated strategy that focused on Gtech’s unique strengths and positioning as a down-to-earth, warm, and human brand, in contrast to the more scientific, cold, and detached image of Dyson. This strategy became the basis for all Gtech’s future branding efforts, from messaging and advertising to design.

Brand Audit

Refining and focusing the brand Identity

With a clear understanding of the competitive landscape and Gtech’s unique strengths, we were able to refine and focus the brand identity to better resonate with customers. We uncovered the history and values that made Gtech a beloved brand, and used them to create a cohesive brand identity that would stand the test of time. The result was a brand that was more confident, more focused, and more in touch with its customers.

The Outcome

The brand audit conducted by our team provided Gtech with a clear understanding of their brand identity, competitive landscape, and areas for improvement. With this knowledge, Gtech was able to develop a unified brand strategy that would serve as a foundation for all their future branding efforts. The result was a revitalized brand that stood out in the market and resonated with customers old and new.

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