Edgbaston Priory Club
Edgbaston Priory Club

Case Study

Developing a solid foundation for the future of this great tennis club

The Mission

Edgbaston Priory is an internationally renowned tennis club and home of the International women’s tournament the Rochester Classic a pre-cursor to Wimbledon. They had recently changed the leadership team and were looking to take the club in a new strategic direction but they were unsure on the brand and how to make the shift and reach the new target audience whilst maintaining existing customers.

The Outcome

We took Edgbaston Priory Club through a full brand audit and a competitor audit, this highlighted the strengths of the club and what needed to change and also showcased ways to differentiate from the competition. We then went through a workshop to define and clarify the brand which became the foundation of the brand development strategy. 

The Impact

In 2022 Edgbaston launched its 8-year strategic plan to grow and develop the club on the back of the work we did with them to clarify and align the brand.


Services Provided

Brand Audit
Brand Workshop
Brand Positioning
Brand Strategy

The Challenge

Edgbaston Priory Club faced a significant challenge in developing a brand strategy that would retain the heritage and traditions of the club while also allowing for growth and development. The new leadership team recognized that the club needed to modernize and appeal to a wider audience, but they were unsure of how to achieve this without alienating their existing customer base.

In addition to developing a new brand strategy, the leadership team also recognized the need to develop the internal culture of the club to ensure that all staff members were aligned with the new strategy. This included giving staff members the autonomy to implement the strategy in their day-to-day work and fostering a sense of ownership and pride in the club’s mission and values.

Edgbaston Priory Club Brand Audit

Developing the brand strategy

To develop a unified brand strategy for Edgbaston Priory Club, we brought together all the positioning and competitor analysis we conducted in the brand audit and the clarity we gained from the brand development workshop. We synthesized this information and created a brand strategy that aligned with the club’s mission and values and differentiated it from its competitors.

This brand strategy provided a clear direction for the club’s future and served as a foundation for all future growth and development. It allowed the club to modernize and appeal to a wider audience while retaining its heritage and traditions, and it set the stage for the successful launch of their eight-year strategic plan.

Brand Strategy Session

Laying the foundation for the future

The work we did with Edgbaston Priory Club to develop their brand strategy was instrumental in laying the foundation for their eight-year plan. By facilitating brand development workshops, clarifying their brand platform, and defining a brand strategy, we helped the senior leadership team develop a clear vision for the club’s future.

This vision was used to great effect by the Edgbaston team internally to develop the “Exceptional Experiences” video, which showcases the club’s role in its members’ lives and in the local community. The video is a testament to the club’s commitment to delivering exceptional experiences, and it is an integral part of the wider eight-year plan.

Managing and maintaining the brand experience longterm

To ensure that the new brand strategy would be sustainable and long-lasting, we helped Edgbaston Priory Club develop a brand matrix, which is a tool that allows the club to score any new initiatives, ideas, or innovations on a graph to see how on-brand they are. This tool helps the club make strategic decisions about which initiatives to pursue and which ones to avoid, ensuring that all new initiatives align with the club’s brand values and positioning.

The Outcome

Through a full brand audit and competitor analysis, we were able to help Edgbaston Priory Club clarify their brand identity and develop a unified brand strategy that would serve as a foundation for all future growth and development. The workshop we conducted with the leadership team and key stakeholders was instrumental in defining and clarifying the brand, and we were able to showcase ways to differentiate the club from its competitors.

The new brand strategy was well-received by both existing and new customers, and in 2022, the club launched its eight-year strategic plan to grow and develop based on the foundation we helped them create. The internal culture of the club also improved, with staff members feeling more empowered and engaged in the club’s mission and values. Overall, the outcome was a successful transformation of Edgbaston Priory Club’s brand, setting them up for a strong and prosperous future.

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