Antara Logo Design
Antara Fitness

Case Study

An app to increase the three pillars of fitness and performance.

The Mission

Yoga is traditionally considered to go hand in hand with mindfulness and relaxation but is very rarely thought of as a tool to improve your fitness or performance. Our mission was to help Garry Sherwin to build a brand for his own Yoga performance system and design how the brand could work as an app that would resonate with the target audience.

The Outcome

We developed the brand name and built the brand platform by positioning the brand as a supplemental fitness system a way to future proof your fitness. The Identity system came out of this concept as did the design for the app screens and website.

The Impact

The app is currently in development using the brand identity system, guidelines and internal brand platform we designed. We are continuing to consult on this project throughout the app development process, making sure all the UI/UX is in keeping with the brand. 


Services Provided

Brand Strategy
Brand Positioning
Brand Naming
Brand Messaging
Logo and Brand Identity Design
Website Design 
Ongoing Brand Consultancy

The Challenge

With a background and degree in sports performance and a love of fitness, Antara founder Garry Sherwin created a fitness system that takes a no frills approach to Yoga mixing it with other movements to create a system that builds balance, strength and flexibility. These workouts can be tailored for each individual no matter what skill level or tailored to the sport you participate in. Garry approached Elements Brand Management to help him define the brand, build a strategy to grow the brand and design the brand in its entirety.  

Antara Brand design for app startup

Defining and designing the brand

We went through a brand workshop and strategy session that outlined the key areas of differentiation from the competition. The brand name came from exploring many different ideas settling on one of the core pillars of the system being balance – Antara is the sanskrit word for balance. The visual identity uses the negative space in the A to showcase the triangle used in the app which sets the intensity of the movement. We used a sporty but calm colour palette to indicate performance and balance.

Antara Logo Design
Antara Brand Guidelines

App Design

Part of the challenge was to bring the app to life in flat designs and interactive mockups using Adobe XD. We used the brand identity system to create a set of icons, screens and interfaces for the app that would feel coherent and consistent with the brand. The screens were designed with the developers and users in mind so they would be easy to replicate for the developers and easy to use for the users.

Antara brand app design
Antara Fitness App
Antara Fitness App

Website design

The website needed to follow suit with the app and brand and primarily in the early stages just be an advert for the app with a link to register your interest in the launch and then a link to download once launched. We also provided some visualisations of what phase 2 could look like once the site and app were running in sync with content.

Antara fitness app website design
Antara Fitness app Website Design
Responsive Website Design

The Outcome

The app is currently in development with a schedule for release in late 2021 due to the setbacks of 2020. The brand has a direction, clarity and identity system set up along with guidelines and strategy mapped out for the launch. We continue to consult on and are involved in the development of the app making sure it is on brand.

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