Activits Nutrition
Activits Nutrition

Case Study

Designing and defining a new sports nutrition brand

The Mission

High performing Crossfit practitioners and functional fitness enthusiasts need more than your standard nutritional products. They need specially formulated, easy to absorb, fast working nutritional products that will get to work immediately. Our mission was to help Drew Rowley define and design a brand to communicate this and appeal to this target audience.

The Outcome

We defined the brand including the brand name and product names during our brand building workshop phase. We then designed the brand identity system to communicate the internal brand including the logo’s wider identity system, packaging, apparel, video, website and marketing assets.

The Impact

Since the brand launch Activits has grown in the market developing new product ranges and with plans to develop more over the coming year, they have a unified brand to work from with all new business decisions.


Services Provided

Brand Strategy
Brand Positioning
Brand Messaging
Logo and Identity System Design
Web Design and Development
Merchandise and Packaging Design
Social Media and Email Campaigns
Digital and Printed Marketing Assets

The Challenge

With a background in pharmacology a love of fitness, especially Crossfit and an existing sports nutrition brand, Activits founder Drew Rowley was well placed to notice that of all the supplements on the market few were geared to the intensity of Crossfit and functional fitness. Being a keen crossfit practitioner himself he knew the strain it puts on your body and wanted to create a brand that catered to an audience of individuals like himself that wanted higher performing, better quality nutritional supplements specifically designed for these intense types of training. Drew approached Elements Brand Management to help him define the brand, build a strategy to grow the brand and design the brand in its entirety.  

Developing the brand strategy

Our first step in defining the brand and developing the brand strategy was to do research on the target audience and direct and in-direct competitors. We looked at how the competition was positioned, their strengths and weaknesses and how we could differentiate from them. We looked at the demographics and psychographics of the target audience and built out brand personas for each audience segment. We facilitated a brand building workshop with Drew to flesh out the core brand platform including purpose, vision, mission, values, positioning, brand attributes and messaging.    

Activits Brand Strategy

Defining and designing the brand

From the brand workshop we had a clearer idea of the internal brand and the target audience and out of that came the work we did on creating the brand name and the product names. Crossfit is explosive, repetitive, relentless and it is also something that is a bit counter culture to mass market fitness. The names and the visual identity wanted to portray this idea of no nonsense, explosive movements, here to workout and nothing else attitude. 

Nutritional Supplement Logo Design

Website design and ecommerce

The website needed to continue the thread of function and direct nature of Crossfit, whilst maintaining the brand identity and building messaging that connected with the audience. Using language like ‘fuelling’, ‘specially formulated’, ‘fast working’ we continued the theme of no-nonsense fitness with language relating to explosive, ignition, pistons, fuel, mechanical high performance language.

Nutritional Supplement Website Design
Responsive Website Design Fitness
Fitness Website Design

Packaging design

Crossfit is all about the performance, your self improvement, the community and the determination to get better. It is not about looks or over the top slogans. Most Crossfit boxes are stripped back down to the essentials to work out. We wanted the packaging to have the same effect, mainly black, white, silver and Activits (‘electric’) Blue the packaging is designed to be non-nonsense and to the point.

Packaging Design Activits Nutrition - Photography Neil Shearer
Nutrition Product photography


The photography was done by Neil Shearer and it was shot at M Squared Fitness with models Em and Josh Saville. The idea for the brand imagery was to re-enforce the no-nonsense approach by focusing on the individual Crossfit movements. We gave a brief to Neil regarding the dark moody atmosphere focusing on the individual movements that each tell a story of how the brand can effect your individual performance. 

Activits Brand Photography

Other brand collateral

The branding needed to extend to other areas outside of digital and packaging. We designed business cards for the brand as well as a trade price list and a lead generation tool or lead magnet pdf download. 

Business Card Design

The Outcome

The brand continues to to grow and we are currently working with them on their digital marketing efforts and strategy to build brand awareness generate sales and build the brand through social media, digital advertising, email newsletters and content marketing.

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