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Speaking to a client during a meeting that was focused on helping her brand to drive more leads through Facebook ads and brainstorming other channels. And it dawned on me that they had a blindspot and an automatic reflex when it came to brainstorming for advertising that wasn’t present during brand development. ⠀

This is a client we had previously helped to focus her brand and website to be more customer-driven. A concept she and the rest of the team had embraced with every other area of their brand, they understood the need to position the customer as the hero and their brand as the guide.

But as soon as advertising was mentioned it was like a switch was turned on and the focus had shifted back to the brand as the hero with headline ideas like: ⠀

  • We’ve been in business for 20 years, ⠀
  • Our brand has this feature, ⠀
  • Get our amazing product/service now at a great price.

They reverted to the types of messages THEY see thrown at them every day and forgot about the core of the BRAND and more importantly the AUDIENCE. This reflex got me thinking is this part of a wider problem an almost ingrained way to approach paid advertising or marketing campaigns that shifts the thought process away from the customer/audience and onto an inbuilt playbook of classic one-liners and self-promotion.

A way of marketing that is everywhere, oversaturated and lost on modern consumers who have more choice than ever before and who’s buying habits are changing with their values (see this article on how brand values can increase customer engagement).

We managed to re-focus their attention with an easy to remember the formula for writing compelling marketing messages for adverts or free content alike. That focuses on the audience/customer and positions them as the hero. ⠀

Problem – Product – Resolution⠀

Problem – The issue or pain point your client or audience faces around the area of your service. ⠀

Product – What you provide (product or service)

Resolution – What will happen if they choose your product or service and the tangible benefit this will bring.⠀

Example – Sports Nutrition Brand Making on-the-go protein bars and snacks, aimed at the avid gym-goer, who has a family, but that isn’t a macro counting semi-pro athlete. 

Problem – Life’s already busy enough to micro-manage your protein intake throughout the day as the pro’s do⠀

Product – On the go protein helps you ⠀

Resolution – get the right amount of protein you need to see the gains you want, saving you time counting your macros and tastes delicious!

Audience as the hero

Customer is the ‘Hero’ your brand is the ‘Guide’ for more on this concept see the awesome Storybrand framework from Donald Miller.

Here’s his explanation of the one-liner.





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