Examples of Sonic Branding From Some of the World’s Biggest Brands

Examples of Sonic Branding From Some of the World's Biggest Brands

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Are you starting to build out some video content and audio content for your business and are looking for some inspiration to help build out your audio brand?

Then this is the episode is for you. I breakdown 6 of the best examples of sonic branding from brands like, Intel, Apple, Netflix and more and showcase what makes these brands stand out for their sonic branding.

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Have you started to build out some video content and audio content for your business and need some inspiration as to how to build your Sonic brand. In this episode, I’ll go over six of the best examples of Sonic branding that you can use to build out your audio brand.

Welcome to the Unified Brand podcast brought to you by Elements, Brand Management. A, weekly brand building and brand strategy podcast to help you unlock your brand’s potential. Stand out from the competition and create impact.

Now, I’m sure you can think of a number of ways that brands have used an audio element to build out their brand, whether that’s a jingle, a voiceover from a celebrity, or just the way they’ve used sound effects in videos, podcasts, or apps, I’m going to break down some great examples of Sonic branding and what makes them work.

Intel. Now, this is a real sort of favorite of mine. And it’s one that has been around for a long time. And it’s stuck in the mind of a lot of people. Now it may sound simple, but this audio element is actually made up of 20 layers, both natural and electronic instruments. Now why this works, is it simple, distinctive, memorable, and appropriate?

It really sounds like that light bulb moment, you know, inspiration has struck and this Intel sound that they use is perfect for that. Expresses technology, but it expresses innovation, expresses creativity. It really is a great example of how you can use Sonic branding to elevate your brand. The beauty of this, and its simplicity is rerecord bubble and it’s timeless.

If they have to rerecord this particular audio element down the line with new instruments and whatever guys they use, whether that be. Human voice, some sort of electronic device or even a guitar it’s still going to be distinctive enough. These five core notes are always going to be tied to Intel and that’s why it is timeless.

Netflix. And this audio logo is backed up by a masterful animation of the visual identity. And when you turn on Netflix and you have that sound, that moment weather and comes at you, you have that sound is sets you up. It pre-frames you for what you’re about to do. It’s a really clever use of sound and visual identity to sort of set up a moment that makes you come back for more.

If you look at some of the other streaming platforms, They don’t do it quite as impactfully as Netflix does. It’s very sure as he doesn’t want people to leave the platform, but it still delivers real gravitas. And it has that feeling of a film score to it, or a strong trader that really hooks you, that sort of emotional music that hits you to the core.

You know, like when you’re hearing all those big blocks, blockbuster films, those powerful scores that you can remember, it has a real theme like that to it almost as if the protagonist of the film has opened the door to a magical land or they’re about to embark on a journey. That’s the feeling you get and you turn on Netflix and you hear that sound and you see that visual identity, it really makes it an event.

And that’s something that a brand experience that you have with that is really cleverly done. It does a great job, as I said, of pre-framing that experience almost the similar experience that you get when you go to the cinema, but those audio logos, some of which we’ll see later, but that you familiar with when you go to the cinema.

McDonald’s now whether you’re a fan of the brand or not, they’ve just been recently ranked sick in a list of the best audio brands in the world. By on this audio logo was first used in their global campaign back in 2003. And it still sounds as fresh today as it did then. And that’s because of its simple composition and its ability to be used in multiple variations, different ways.

He’s in different instruments. And they’ve done this recently where they’ve done multiple campaigns. They’ve changed up how the audio logo has been used is in different instruments, different ways of it being sung or harmonized with an all of these. Although they’re different. You still know that it’s McDonald’s and you still know that tune.

And the beauty of the simplicity of this audio logo is where they’ve had to use it in different cultures and across different countries all over the world. What they’ve been able to do is still use the same audio logo. They’ve been able to change it for that particular culture, a particular country, so that it fits in and feels local.

So that country, which is a Testament to the simplicity of the audio logo and its memorability comment below with your favorite examples of Sonic branding. So what are the site brands? The audio logos, you can remember that stuck in your mind.

Apple. So Apple was third on arm’s list of the world’s best audio brands. And if you think about it and they’re sort of soundscape, they use on their products. So their set of sounds, whether that’s the voice of Siri or distinctive ring tones. Now these are some things that you hear across TV and film, and you can tell that these audio elements and parts of best Sonic branding are memorable and iconic, because if you can be watching a film and you hear the alarm tone, go off.

And straight away, you sit upright in your chair because you think it’s, you know, for a second for a split second, you think it’s your alarm going off, or your phone going off. That is a real Mark of something that is iconic and memorable and has really kind of embedded itself into our culture. It’s even memorable for people who haven’t got Apple devices.

They still recognize those times and know that it’s an Apple brand, all of these sounds and these tones that Apple use in their product. Uh, distinctive, they’re simple and they’re appropriate. And that’s the key to getting these audio elements, these Sonic branding pieces that are just right and they just stick in your mind and that timeless

THX deep note. This was first created in 1983 for the release of the film return, the Jedi hands up star Wars geek. And it’s one of my favorite films, but that sound on the intro that you see before a lot of films that THX deep note sound. Is I think when Netflix had got the idea for their Netflix sound from, and what it does is even today, when you hear it, you feel like you’re in a cinema, you’re transported, but every time you stay in a cinema and you’re ready to watch a film, you know, when you hear that, no, I’m thinking I’ve got popcorn.

I’ve got drink and I’m about to watch a blockbuster movie, and that is the power of an iconic, memorable audio logo. What it actually is is, is one note is only one note that is completely computer generated, which was sort of unheard of at the time. And it’s one note that is shifted across modulations and pitches in order to create that sound, which was at the time was sort of groundbreaking as most things we believe or believe to start.

So Lucas film. Is, and was one of those audio logos that is just again, it’s timeless. It’s simple.

he wife for champions league now sort of relatively new out of some of the others on this list. But still a powerhouse when it comes to a great Sonic branding piece or audio brand. And it’s, again, it’s a primer primer before the program starts, you know, you’re about to watch some of the best teams in Europe compete at the highest level against each other.

And it really sets stage for that. With this audio logo, it’s very operatic and maybe that’s playing on the grandiose scale of the tournament, but also I think it’s the nod to the 1990 world cup. And that song, the Pavarotti did. For the tournament. I think it’s a nod back to that and this idea of kind of the passion and the emotion that goes into playing football and playing at the highest level, that there is a theatrical element to football.

And I believe that the champions league audio logo, as well as the Pavarotti song from 1990 world cup, we’re trying to capture that passion. We just put together a weekly Brian tip video series, which is designed to help you to unlock your Brian’s potential and stand out from the competition. And if you’re interested, if you just go to elements, brand management or one word.co.uk forward slash weekly hyphen brand hyphen tips.

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Have a great week, catch up soon. Keep those brands unified.


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