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5 Top Branding Trends For 2020 To Give Your Brand Impact

This post is a roundup of the emerging trends that are only to get stronger in 2020 and whilst most of this collection of strategic trends are becoming more popular due to their ability to connect the brand its audience in new and authentic ways, you don’t have to follow them all blindly and should consider each before adopting them.

Hero's Journey Marketing
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Help your audience be the hero not your brand

Speaking to a client during a meeting that was focused on helping her brand to drive more leads through Facebook ads and brainstorming other channels. And it dawned on me that they had a blindspot and an automatic reflex when it came to brainstorming for advertising that wasn’t present during brand development.

Brand Purpose Quotes
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10 of the best quotes about brand purpose from industry leaders and brand builders

With consumer buying habits changing due to more choice available than ever before, a key to your brand differentiating, connecting with your audience and making a difference is your brand purpose. Below you’ll find a selection of the best quotes on brand purpose from industry leaders, innovators and thinkers with a few quotes on purpose in general thrown in.

What is brand purpose
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What is brand purpose and why is it more important than ever for your business

Today consumers have a myriad of choice at their fingertips, more stake in their own tribal identity than ever before and can see through inauthenticity like Superman and his x-ray vision. If your brand doesn’t stand for something, champion a cause or have a clear understanding of why it exists beyond making money you are in for a bumpy ride.

But don’t fret I’d like to introduce you to your brand purpose.


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