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Marketing & SEO

Online marketing solutions, strategically planned, expertly designed & launched with care.

Spreading the word strategically whilst maintaining company objectives and brand message

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

With over 6 million searches a day (stats as of 2017) you need your website to be well optimised for organic and local search in order to be visible and stand out from your competitors. We work with businesses to define your online goals and hand pick optimum keywords to help drive traffic to your website. We also provide an SEO audit that looks at factors external to your website such as back links, social media channels, local search citations and directory listings with a strategy to improve these elements.

Social Media Marketing

Social media usage is at an all time high with most people using multiple channels to subscribe and keep up with their favourite brands. Brand management helps to keep your message consistent across all platforms and in keeping with your brand values and tone of voice. Each channel has it’s merit and we identify the right channels for your business.

Content Marketing

Content is the life blood of the internet reaching people through search engines or social media, it provides news, articles, product launches, videos, galleries, tutorials and more. Using an effective content marketing strategy that is in line with your brand can drive traffic to your site.

Email Marketing

Successfully capturing existing and potential customers email addresses is a great way to nurture trust and increase sales. By making customers aware of new products, offers and exciting news and keeping to your branding and values, email marketing gives you the opportunity to truly cement your brand in the mind of your customers.

PPC (Pay Per Click Ads)

Whether Facebook or Instagram, Google or You Tube ads the internet offers you the ability to effectively target your audience based on exact demographics and interests. We create and manage PPC campaigns of all budgets to drive more traffic, increase sales and sign ups or what ever else you need to achieve. PPC campaigns work best when used alongside other marketing strategies.

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