Brand Audit

Brand Audit

Identifying the Unseen Issues Costing Your Brand

There were 660,000 new business startups last year each one trying to get the attention of their prospects, this crowded marketplace means that even smaller niches are starting to have competitors on every corner. It is therefore imperative to be able to stand out from the crowd, differentiate yourself and stick in the mind of your audience (memorability). But how do you know if you are on the right track, if your brand is connecting with your audience, what you are doing wrong and right? We offer a standalone Brand Audit that works to give you clarity, a strong foundation and and actionable plan to focus your teams efforts moving forward.

Brand Audit

When there is an issue Businesses usually invest in marketing and or sales, thinking the more i put myself out there the more i’ll get back, this sadly isn’t the case the unseen issue most businesses have is they are unclear on their brand: Who they should be, who are they doing this for, why they are even doing what they are doing, where they are going.

Most of the time the issues stem from inefficiencies in brand positioning, clarity of the brand identity and the effectiveness of the brand strategy – To use the analogy of building your house on sand.

Safeguarding yourself against the ever growing competitive landscape is to invest in your brand and build something that is engaging, memorable, drives you sales and successfully services your customer base.

A thorough analysis of your brand across all touch-points including: Your logo, website, social media, marketing collateral, signage and even the perceptions of your brand from your employees and your audience. We look at your competitors the wider market and help build an action plan for your brand that you can action on your own or use an agency like Elements to help you build a solid foundation to build on as you move forward with your business. 

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Elements worked with me to create a new brand, in a comprehensive package, where we spent time working on all aspects of the brand, from logo, imagery and colours, to website, audience and strategy. Elements were invaluable for their creative input into Activits, and we continue to work together on the next stages. Highly recommended, for all aspects of branding, and more.

- Drew Rowley