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A desire to help you reach your potential

Elements Brand Management exists to help businesses unlock their brand’s full potential, so they can stand out from the competition and grow their business.

Founded by Chris Outlaw in 2018 after spending over a decade working in the branding, web and marketing industries, both in-house and freelance for a range of businesses.

Elements was born out of frustration that whilst there was a myriad of marketing and advertising agencies available very few understood, appreciated and focused on the importance of defining and developing a solid brand foundation, one that should be informing the brand strategy, brand design, marketing and everything a business does. 

Due to this in-secure foundation many businesses are effectively driving with the handbrake on when it comes to business growth, customer satisfaction and standing out from the competition Chris labelled this as a brand identity crisis. 

From this frustration Chris founded Elements with the principle of taking a strategy first approach to branding and from that as a way to combat the brand identity crisis the Unified Brand Methodology was created. 

Elements are a growing agency that still maintains the personable one-to-one approach of a consultant or smaller agency with the experience, results, delivery and ability of a large corporate design firm. 

We would love to find out more about your brand story and help you achieve your goals.


Our Team

Chris Outlaw

Founder / Lead Brand Strategist and Designer

Responsible for the creative direction and strategy of branding projects helping to design and develop impactful brands. 


Karen Outlaw

Project Manager / Business Development

Helping to manage project lifecycles and furthering business development.

Sophie M O'Connell

Marketing Specialist / Social Media / Design

Helping clients to develop their brand marketing with Ideas, insights and impactful content to develop their brand. 

Rob Coombe

Photography / Videography Owner of robcoombe.co.uk

An established commercial photographer and videographer (see robcoombe.co.uk) Rob is an extension of the team and perfectly captures the essence of the brand.

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Our Values

We believe that understanding your business is the most important factor in promoting your brand.

Jargon Free Communication
We believe simple, clear and jargon free communication is key to a long lasting client relationships.

We believe in transparency throughout client collaboration.

Constantly Evolving
We believe that by constantly learning and evolving we are best suited to serve our customers in new and innovative ways.

Focus and Presence
We remain present and focused throughout any client relationship / project lifecycle concentrating on the job at hand.

Our Guiding Principles

Branding Agency
Brand Design and Strategy Agency Devon

Creating Your Brand Story. Our Process

We use a four step process in building a unified brand.

1. Discovery
What sets you apart from the rest?

We go back to where it all began, looking at your unique story, values, mission and philosophy. We make sure you are targeting the right audience, research your competition and investigate your positioning in the market.

2. Strategy
How do you connect with your target audience?

Connection is a fundemental part of being human, using the findings from Discovery we begin to build a strategy designed to connect with your ideal customer in order to create a lasting impression.

3. Create
The language of your brand

Using our knowledge of your brand we begin to create your identity, voice and personality. By keeping a consistent visual language that builds a strong presence we effectively communicate your brand to your target audience.

4. Manage
Consistency and familiarity

Brand management helps to ensure that all touch points between your brand and your audience are met with a consistent message. We manage your ongoing advertising campaigns, social media, content marketing and website to help you establish a memorable brand.

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