We Are Elements

Helping you to get your edge over the competition


A burning desire to help you reach your potential

Elements began in the mind of a 16 year old who had just lost his father. All success stories need a catalyst, and mine was the rediscovery of my love of sport and a reconnection with my passion for design.

My father died of Motor Neurone Disease and nothing could have prepared my teenage self for the impact of his death. In fact, for a while I didn’t deal with it very well, but it was the turning point which changed my life.

I felt pretty lost and confused in those early weeks and months but it was the discipline of sport, and getting back into shape which inspired me to turn things around. At the same time, I started noticing certain brands - those which seemed inspirational, those which gave me goals to aim for.

Quiksilver’s the one I remember. Their unusual typography which always stood out. The brand’s absolute commitment to representing sportsmanship, adventure and achievement. And of course, the visual impact of that rolling surf.

At a time when I needed motivation and encouragement, those images inspired me. Working out at the gym propelled me to set goals and exceed them and the combination of the two got me out of that black hole and on the tracks of a career.

I began working with brands. I became passionate about helping companies reach people and I wanted to help spread the transformative effect of sport. I started by getting a decade’s good grounding in all the key skills: branding, web design and marketing, working both in-house and freelance for a range of businesses.

My ultimate goal though, was to set up my own agency. I’d discovered during those 10 years that too many great sports companies were let down by inconsistent and poor branding. Looking back on my own experiences with Quiksilver, I could see that making the brand impactful was key to communication.

This lead me to set up the Unified Brand methodology which forms the core of my business today. Elements Brand Management is all about helping sports, action and fitness brands suffering an identity crisis find their voice. In 2019 I won an SME News award for a Specialist Branding Company in the health and fitness category.

My main driver, however, is to be a part of raising the bar for sport in this country. I’ve seen first hand the positive effects it can have on your health, morale, focus, confidence and team play. Sport breeds healthy competitiveness and can break down boundaries and stereotypes.

Elements is here to help you fulfil your potential, to gain a competitive edge, grow your tribe and generate more sales by building and managing a memorable brand which carves out a place in your sector, and helps bring sport to everyone.

I think my dad would be proud.

We would love to find out more about your brand story and help you achieve your goals.

Our Values

We believe that understanding your business is the most important factor in promoting your brand.

Jargon Free Communication
We believe simple, clear and jargon free communication is key to a long lasting client relationships.

We believe in transparency throughout client collaboration.

Constantly Evolving
We believe that by constantly learning and evolving we are best suited to serve our customers in new and innovative ways.

Focus and Presence
We remain present and focused throughout any client relationship / project lifecycle concentrating on the job at hand.

Creating Your Brand Story. Our Process

We use a four step process to build you a memorable brand.

1. Discovery
What sets you apart from the rest?

We go back to where it all began, looking at your unique story, values, mission and philosophy. We make sure you are targeting the right audience, research your competition and investigate your positioning in the market.

2. Strategy
How do you connect with your target audience?

Connection is a fundemental part of being human, using the findings from Discovery we begin to build a strategy designed to connect with your ideal customer in order to create a lasting impression.

3. Create
The language of your brand

Using our knowledge of your brand we begin to create your identity, voice and personality. By keeping a consistent visual language that builds a strong presence we effectively communicate your brand to your target audience.

4. Manage
Consistency and familiarity

Brand management helps to ensure that all touch points between your brand and your audience are met with a consistent message. We manage your ongoing advertising campaigns, social media, content marketing and website to help you establish a memorable brand.