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Unlock your brand's potential

Become the brand your audience loves, stand out from the competition and grow your business.

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Stand out from the competition

Stand out from the competition

Clarify your brand

Clarify your brand

Grow your brand

Grow your business

You shouldn't have to compromise on the vision you have for your brand.

A brand is hard to define, design and communicate and when it isn’t resonating with your audience, it can be confusing trying to understand why and what steps you need to take next. This is made worse if you’re not completely satisfied with your brand. It can be tough dealing with the feeling of insecurity, especially when you know something isn’t right with your brand.

Restore your faith in your brand, have fun showing it off and get a brand you are proud of that creates an impact.

Get clear on your brand, realise your vision and create the impact you want

Target Audience

Resonate with your target audience

Avoid confused messaging and stop marketing to everyone. Talk directly to the audience your brand was meant for.

Improve your brand's memorability

Increase your brand's memorability

Make it easy for your audience to remember what you do and how you can make their life better.

Brand you are proud of

Get a brand you are proud of

Stop feeling insecure about your brand, realise your vision and become the brand you are meant to be.

We care about your brand (almost) as much as you do.

We know how difficult it can be to develop your brand and the challenges involved with being too close to it. That’s why we work with you giving an objective view and guiding you through the process every step of the way.

A few of our Recent Clients

Sport Sleep Coach - Elite Sports Recovery
Activits Nutrition Logo
Exeter Academy of Martial Arts Logo Design

Our Branding Services

Brand Discovery Audit

Find out why your brand isn’t getting the results you’d expected, why its not connecting with your audience, and what areas to focus on improving.

Brand Workshops (virtual)

Workshops for you and your team to define, clarify and uncover your unique brand.

Brand Strategy

A customised game plan for your brand to get the results you want, attract the customers you’d like and become the brand your audience loves.

Brand Identity Design​

Creating brands that are memorable, connect to the right audience and make


Taking your brand in a new direction, strategic approach or just brand refresh.


Brand Management

Peace of mind that your brand is being promoted consistently across all marketing channels. Your very own ever-present brand consultancy.

You can get the brand you want

Schedule a brand discovery call
1. Schedule a discovery call

This allows us to get aligned around your vision and goals for your brand

Brand Strategy
2. Build a custom strategy

We’ll do an audit on your brand and put together a customised strategy to help you reach your goals.

3. Unlock your brand's potential

We work collaboratively with your team to execute the strategy  together, build your brand and grow your business.

Stop stressing about what your brand should or could be, gain clarity and connect with your audience with a unified brand.

At Elements brand management we know you are the kind of people who want to have a brand that adds value to your business and helps it grow. In order to be that way, you need an impactful, great looking brand built on a  well defined brand platform and following a concise strategy. The problem is your brand isn’t as good as it could be and doesn’t effectively represent your brand which makes you feel embaressed and frustrated. We believe that all brand owners should have a brand that works to grow their business and creates impact. We understand how frustrating it can be when you don’t. That’s why we take pride in every branding project, adding over 12 years branding experience into each one. Here’s how it works you schedule a discovery call, we build out a custom strategy for your brand and you a brand that looks great and adds value to your business.

So schedule a discovery call and stop feeling embaressed and frustrated about your brand and instead create an impact with an iconic and memorable brand that effectively represents who you are and get’s you noticed.

How to define a brand


How to define your brand

So you’re confused about your brand, what it means to your audience, what it stands for and against. That’s why we put this PDF together to help you to define your brand.


Sonic Branding Examples - 6 Of The Best

Sonic Branding Examples – 6 Of The Best

Sonic branding examples – 6 of the best from top brands. Are you starting to build out some video content and audio content for your business and are looking for some inspiration to help build out your audio brand. Then this is the video for you. I breakdown 6 of the best examples of sonic branding from brands like, Intel, Apple, Netflix and more and showcase what makes these brands stand out for their sonic branding.

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Why is Sonic Branding Important for Your Brand?

Why is Sonic Branding Important for Your Brand?

What is sonic branding? Why it is crucial for your brand and how to get started. This episode explains what sonic branding is, gives examples of how it has been used effectively and how you can get started with sonic branding. With more and more businesses producing videos, podcasts and video ads the rise in sonic branding has been increasing so it is important now more than ever to get your audio brand handled.

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Unlock Your Brand's Potential